About Alex

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Hello, my name is Alex.

I am a self-taught web developer who has built aesthetically pleasing websites. Through my knowledge of programming languages, I have also contributed to a number of open-source projects.

In additional to technology, I am also interested in law and have interned at a law office in New Milford, CT. As part of this position, I was tasked with a variety of job duties, including case research and preparation, document maintenance, and communication with clients, attorneys, and pharmaceutical representatives. I also had the opportunity to prepare for and assist in a courtroom proceeding at the Litchfield County Superior Court in Connecticut. My objective is to pursue a career in intellectual property law, a field that would allow me to collaborate my interests in law and technology.Picture of Alex Zevin hiking

Business management is another one of my passions. For several years I ran a successful gaming community that sold in-game items and perks as micro-transactions. As part of this project, I supervised a team of assistants whose primary responsibility was day-to-day management, allowing for additional focus on content, customer acquisition, technical support, and advertising. I was also responsible for the management of revenue, expense, and budget analysis, and ensuring that all hardware and systems were operational. Though this venture has been discontinued, I continually pursue other business opportunities. I am currently leading a development plan to open a data hosting operation in 2017.

When I'm not interning or building a business, I enjoy playing the piano. For a number of years, I also trained in martial arts, winning a few trophies while at it.

Known Languages:
• English (Native)
• Russian (Fluent)
• Spanish (Knowledgeable)